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Service Measures

    High quality office environment
    1. "One-stop Full-course Service " and "Automatic call system" enables you to enjoy the easy and convenient service.
    2. There is a playground for your children and our volunteers will help you to take care of them.
    3. Multifunctional Service Desk - provide courtesy umbrellas, presbyopic glasses, baby strollers, wheelchairs and so on.
    4. High-quality public lavatories - provide baby beds, shelves, etc. for women and children .
    5. Access - free facilities - Provide parking area, elevators, and public phones for the people who have disabilities-disabled.
    6. The Rest Area is furnished with comfortable sofa and we provide journals and newspapers for you to read while waiting.
    7. To better serve foreigners, we use bilingual labels and name tags in the workplace.
    8. To provide the newest information of population, we put up monthly population census updates on a bulletin board .
    9. We have set up an Electronic Bulletin Board , broadcasting  updated laws and promoting  Household registration policies.



    Services for the public


    1. Issuance of Household Registration History in English version.
    2. Initial issuance of ID card can be processed at respective schools for junior high school students aged over 14 years old.
    3. Home Service: For senior citizens or people who have disabilities.
    4. Flexible office hours at noon (12:00-13:30pm) from Monday through Friday. and 9:00-12:00Am on Saturday(Not open for consective holidays).
    5. Volunteers Service Team - our volunteers will guide you and help you with what you need.
    6. Online reservation for any services